Project name:  „Freedom behind bars“

Leading Organization: Youth Forum 2001 – Razgrad

Partner: NGO “NGO Center in Razgrad”

Programme Operator – Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria


Funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014

Project summary:

The project provides convictions and prison staff programs to increase skills and re-socialization of prisoners for their correction and rehabilitation. Preventive work is needed to staff the prison who daily work with convicted persons at risk for themselves and for society, people with a particular characteristic of interest, needs and skills. Developed for the project specific programs to work with convicted persons will increase their knowledge and improve social conditions in places of detention. The project will enhance the professional competence of the prison staff to work with the case – case study, assessment of needs and risk, sentence planning and effective ways of serving it. After the project has trained personnel to determine the risk assessment and the needs of each newcomer and sentence planning. Prison staff undergo mandatory initial training, which includes issues of Human Rights and international regulations. Depending on the specific role of the professional staff of the different strands of activity responsibilities for the implementation of these documents are different. Currently there is an urgent need for specialized training of such personnel, which specify the daily practical activities in the context of marking these imaginary standards in particular, individual regulator of professional conduct. With the implementation of the project will be a major shift in imparting permanent nature of the preparation of the prison staff. This kind of training is one of the current tasks and simultaneously to improve the condition and quality of penitentiary treatment of prisoners. Long-term sentence, unless the damage it can inflict on the psyche, is also related to thwart the efforts of the prison administration to educate this man. A discrepancy with the main objectives of the sentence – resocialization. Our project aims to prepare persons convicted for life in the wild. In a long sentence to frustrate the operation of this principle because the person broke off a long period of society. After 20 years of imprisonment resocialization is unable to be done efficiently, without a team of professionals who work with convicted persons. Long-term sentences were denied in the developed European countries. The trend is to reduce or at least in parallel to carry out long-term programs to work with prisoners, as the main goal of our project proposal. The attitude of society is that prison officials must act as inquisitors, but is unacceptable human and legal norms. It got to the gap between the expectations of the common man and the prison administration. Growing public distrust because of unrealistic expectations of society. The project will raise public awareness of the ways and methods that are applied in the direction of preparation of persons convicted for life in the wild. We need a public commitment problem whose solution leads to a decrease in crime, recidivism of convicted persons and work for the state budget, a significant percentage of which is spent on maintenance of places of detention.